The . See also FitExamples.

In this example we will use ActionFixture? to test manipulations of a music library and use RowFixture? to examine the query results that appear in the course of manipulation.

The music browser starts up looking at the whole library of songs. We specify the library (an advanced feature) so that we know what we are talking about in this document.

enter library /usr/local/src/fit/fixtures/music/Music.txt
check total songs 37

We can pick songs and see details of our selection as we go.

enter select 1
check title Akila
check artist Toure Kunda
enter select 2
check title American Tango
check artist Weather Report
check album Mysterious Traveller
check year 1974
check time 3.70
check track 2 of 7

There are buttons on the browser to find more songs like the one we have picked.

press same album  
check selected songs 2

The selected songs are displayed in a table.
title artist album year time() track()
Scarlet Woman Weather Report Mysterious Traveller 1974 5.72 6 of 7
American Tango Weather Report Mysterious Traveller 1974 3.70 2 of 7

We can find songs related in different ways. Each new way produces a (possibly) different list of songs. Show all restores the display to the initial conditions.

press show all  
check selected songs 37
enter select 3
check artist James Taylor
press same artist  
check selected songs 5

Yielding the display:
title artist album year time() track()
Handy Man James Taylor JT 1977 3.30 7 of 12
Scarlet Woman Weather Report Mysterious Traveller 1974 5.72 6 of 7
Sailing To Philadelphia James Taylor October Rose 2000 5.47 3 of 3
Ananas James Taylor Hourglass 1997 5.73 5 of 13
Another Gray Morning James Taylor JT 1977 2.73 4 of 12

Other fields can be desplayed as this version shows.
title album genre size date
Another Grey Morning JT Pop 3284199 9/7/02 11:32 PM
Ananas Hourglass Pop 6897450 9/7/02 11:47 PM
Copperline Newe Moon Shine Pop 5248087 9/7/02 9:52 PM
Handy Man JT Pop 3976956 9/7/02 11:36 PM

Too many missing's there I think.. python fit may need a bugfix.

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